Ultraviolet Lights And HVAC Systems

As harmful as ultraviolet lights are on the human skin, they are an essential part of an HVAC system. However, the ordinary person might wonder how this would work. Below, we shall discuss how ultraviolet lights are used within HVAC systemswith the aim of answering frequently asked questions like how UV lights can improve the quality of the air indoors and the difference between UVC and germicidal light.

What are UV Lights?

Not visible to the naked eye, ultraviolet lights radiate ultraviolet rays which can kill or at least weaken most (if not all) pathogens. It is for this reason that they are used in a variety of settings like hospitals where cleanliness and having a germ-free environment are top priorities.

What are germicidal lights and UVC lights?

As the name implies, germicidal lights are specialized lights that specifically target pathogens. UVCs are a subtype of them which are used in HVAC systems.

Why are UV lights important to have in an HVAC system?

Having clean air indoors is an absolute must – both for the healthy and for those suffering from respiratory problems, asthma or allergies. However, the air circulating in your home is always prone to pathogens and pollution – and the source can be within the home itself (cooking, shed human skin, dust and the HVAC itself). This is where UV light comes into play.

How do UV lights in HVACs work?

Ultraviolet lights are generally installed in an HVAC’s air handler space or in its ductwork. The ultraviolet radiation from these lights destroys or weakens pathogen DNA, preventing them from reproducing. By curtailing the spread of contaminants, ultraviolet lights help keep the quality of the air indoors in check.

Ultraviolet lights play a major role within HVAC systems – they keep the spread of pathogens in check, so that they do not proliferate and reduce the quality of air in your home. If you are among those who still do not have them within your HVAC system, consider getting one as soon as possible.

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