Skyline of Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte has proven to have a competitive advantage over other metropolitan areas when it comes to networking. There are a multitude of resources available to expand the career of business professionals throughout the Charlotte area. A vast amount of business groups and workshops are offered virtually every day of the week.

Entrepreneurs Incoming

There is an ongoing trend of young entrepreneurs and aspiring college graduates moving to affordable metropolitan areas. Charlotte has reaped those benefits as this younger generation is carving out its own footprints in the city. This has also included the tech industry as the cost of living and the competitiveness of trying to make it in places like Silicon Valley have become a much less popular option.

The Power of Networking

The ever growing and evolving business community within Charlotte has been strengthened by the power of networking. Companies are doing more and more business in conjunction with one another and many of those deals start with the simple yet productive act of networking.

That has created a wealth of potential for professionals, young and old. The next deal, merger or client may be only one conversation away. The best part of that is that there are so many venues, forums and opportunities to capitalize on this valuable resource.

Local Resources

The city of Charlotte also houses a great deal of resources for small business owners. The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has a host of smaller chambers within the region, which specializes in networking and personal development for these small businesses. Networking is not always done at more traditional events as there are several seasonal networking events put together, some of which even take place outdoors.

There has also been a U.S. Small Business Administration grant used to open up what is now the Women’s Business Center of Charlotte. This center continues to serve as a resource center which provides counseling and workshops for promising entrepreneurs.

Charlotte NC Networking Opportunities

Finding networking events can be done rather easily online as LinkedIn, and various social media sites provide an abundance of listings. It won’t take long to find a way to make some real life connections that could help advance your career.

There is also no shortage of networking events as part of the Charlotte nightlife as professionals can easily find some type of event every night of the week. The best part about all of these aforementioned resources is that travel is easy since the city of Charlotte makes city travel very conducive.