There may be no better time to own a small business in the city of Charlotte and its surrounding areas. Having become such a popular epicenter for business, new and lucrative opportunities are widespread throughout the Charlotte area.

Charlotte NC Is #1 For Small Business!


A 2015 study conducted by ranked Charlotte as the No.1 American city to start a small business. Part of the reason Charlotte rearmed this distinction was because of its industry diversity, earnings and benefits provided to employees in a small business and the many resources available throughout the city. Charlotte has also set up a Business Innovation & Growth Council, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on advancing entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It is no secret that strong partnerships in the business world often being with networking. Being home to so many aspiring professionals, Charlotte is a hotbed of opportunity. Businesses have recognized this and have also got into the act.

Nontraditional lenders continue to help small businesses as the city of Charlotte has partnered up with many major banks to help smaller businesses get the capital they need. The fact that these loans come with a guarantee has gone on to make the underwriting process a lot more flexible.

The National Association of Women Business Owners

Charlotte has also become heavily involved with the National Association of Women Business Owners, which regularly hosts a long list of events in the Charlotte area. This a chance for female business owners to network and enhance their respective companies.

There are also many different sponsorships supporting Charlotte small business owners. This kind of activity is not as common in other major metropolitan areas as resources, insight and help are available in great abundance to small business owners in Charlotte.

A Consulting & Networking Hub

In many small businesses, there is not always enough funding to hire human resources specialists. That is why so many organizations provide outside consulting services in Charlotte. There are also ongoing workshops, seminars and networking events in which small business owners can expand their knowledge base.

Many Charlotte small business owners are very willing to increase their involvement with other small businesses. This kind of collaboration has been able to strengthen the Charlotte business community as a whole.

While a good deal of attention has been focused on the big businesses that have made their home in Charlotte, there is a need to recognize all of the small businesses that continue to strengthen commerce. Small businesses who are able to connect with other local proprietors can see their own business expand a great deal.