If you are looking to keep your landscape prim and proper, you simply cannot avoid tree banding – especially so if you have oak trees. Tree banding comes with several key benefits – the biggest of them being prevention of cankerworms – which travel up oak trees into their branches, and create substantial damage. Overall, they help keep the oak tree stronger and healthier.

An oak tree is a marvel to look at, but it is more than that. Any oak tree – even one that stands at random acts as a hub for several other living things. For instance, several birds make their nest on account of its size, and several migratory birds are attracted to nest there too. They also offer a suitable alternative for animals that have been affected by urbanization in cities and several suburban areas.

Oak trees on any property infinitely increase its curb appeal, and thus gives a bump to its overall valuation. Houses with an oak tree or two are known to sell at a higher price than similar type of houses that have none. Thus, investing in their upkeep is one that is never made in vain. In fact, you might notice that properties that have oak trees end up being mentioned by realtors in listings, especially if they have been well-kept.

The advantages of oak trees are not limited to aesthetics – oak trees influence the weather by stemming runoff from stormwater, helping replenish groundwater and reducing water and air pollution.

Oak tree replacement cannot be done swiftly since it is not achievable overnight – just as they require time to mature and grow, it takes time to take them down. To top it all off, the advantages that oak trees offer in terms of both aesthetics and function motivate homeowners to continue to have them on their home’s property. The oak trees thus become an extension of their home, which must be taken care of and protected.

One of the biggest enemies of an oak tree’s wellbeing is the cankerworm – these little bugs can cause a fully healthy oak tree to die in weeks. It is an easily avoidable problem, though – simply banding the tree would be enough for the caterpillars to get into the tree, from where they would breed and spread. Additionally, banding protects the tree’s canopy from damage.

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