Many money conscious individual agree with the notion that you should not try fixing something unless it is broken. However, there is plenty of money to be saved for those that upgrade their plumbing to newer, more efficient systems. In this article, Charlotte NC’s leading home contractors helps us explore exactly what type of upgrades can help homeowners save. These suggestions can also reduce the need for future plumbing repairs.

Plumbing Fixture

When imagining a water fixture not much more comes to mind than the point in which water flows out of a pipe and into a bath, shower, or sink. However, there is more going on than detected at first glance. In fact, the US DOE offers numerous methods to help user to be more efficient with energy usage thus reducing spending over time. Swapping out old fixtures is one of their recommendations. This can save home owners as much to 60 percent on their month-to-month water expenses. Electric saving are included for those utilizing electric water pumps for wells.

Bathroom Thrown

Old versions of commodes have to use a lot of water for a single flush. In additional, they typically require more frequent servicing. Several outdated commodes can consume to 6 gallons of water each flush. More recent bathrooms use simply a hint over one gallon of water each flush. Put together those numbers to see there is a massive difference in the gallons of water made use of over the course of a year.

Hot Water Heater

New hot water heating systems have greater efficiency rankings while tankless heaters can give you with an endless supply of hot water as they only heat up the water you require instead of heating up the whole container. Water heaters must be changed regarding every 10 years and warranties normally vary from five to ten years. Hot heater repair and replacement services in the Charlotte NC can be provided be a plumber from Ammons Superior Plumbing.


A dripping tap and pipes may not seem like a big deal but, in fact, the water usage and associated cost both add up quickly. Dripping pipes can also cause damage to other areas such as walls, ceiling, cabinets, and crawlspaces, not to mention mold. These can lead to some very expensive repairs and will only worsen as time passes.


Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need a drain filter or that it is tacky looking and inefficient. These inexpensive accessories can be quite helpful, saving you time and money in the long run. Without one you are allowing excess food, hair or debris to consistently be washed into your pipes which could cause severe drain obstruction and a need to call a plumber. A tiny financial investment in strainers could save huge dollars later on.


There are various other ways to minimize your water expenses, such as not running your dishwasher or washer until they are full. Restricting shower time as well as limiting your automatic sprinkler to days that dry could additionally cut on water costs.

Ammons Plumbing, founded during 1936, provides a low cost, trustworthy home repair services to the greater Charlotte NC area. Our specialists can update your residence pipes and also heating systems in even more means compared to one. Let the plumbing professional with the most experience in the whole state of North Carolina supply you with the best feasible solution available.